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For years I have been the go-between for the designers and the developers until I got skilled enough in both worlds to do both jobs. 
So many times I hear tech people lamenting the stupidity of the end user, but not knowing how a strange system works is not the same as being stupid. I seek to make it as easy as possible for an end user to interact with systems.

I don't believe that there is one language that rules them all. If you know how to program and understand the basic structure of systems, then the language is just semantics and IDE layout. Thus far the bulk of my development experience has been building solutions in Python Django and PHP using Bootstrap, CSS and javascript. 


I like working with people that are smarter than me. My ideal team is where member has each other's back internally an externally and where the trust between management and team has not been broken. 

I want to work in a place where the first question is never "who can we blame", but always "how can we help to fix this". Where management is mature enough to not use fear as a motivator. A company with clear, proven vision and a practical way to execute that vision.

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